About us

12 years od experience with aesthetic medicine allowed us to create original BABY DOLL LIPS lips augmentation method, which is currently one of the most popular methods in Poland.

Authorical method - BABY DOLL LIPS

We would like to invite you to take part in our online lip augmentation training, using our original method BABY DOLL LIPS. Our goal was to create universal method, which suits all women. To achieve it we use specific sequence of injections, which require the use of variables to give the effect of beautifully enlarged lips.

Authorical method – MILILITR PIĘKNA

The authorial technique MILILITR PIĘKNA is a combination of several techniques in one, so every lips look natural. Our technique bases on rounding the outline right next to the cupid's bow and, most of all, enlarging the lips flat. By using a little amount of the preparation, keeping a proper depth and site of the puncture we are able to create beautiful and sensual lips.

Two methods package